Venny Rivera – Closed 2 buyers and 1 listing within 90 days of working with us

In just 60-90 days, Venny had listings and contracts and had closed 2 deals worth $12,000. Things he never experienced working with companies like Zillow and


Before meeting us: Spending thousands of dollars on Zillow and and paying a lead gen company $2,400/m, all while getting no results.

After meeting us: Got multiple listings and contracts within 60 days of working with us, and closed 2 deals worth $12,000 within 90 days of working with us. It’s been more than a year of us working together now.

After working with so many real estate lead generation companies, Venny noticed something. Every company promised a positive ROI, however, he didn’t get a return on his ROI whatsoever. Although Jorge was skeptical to work with us at first, he took a leap of faith and hasn’t regretted his decision ever since. He’s been working with us for almost 1.5 years now.


Market: Elgin, IL

Result: Closed 2 buyers and 1 listing within 90 days.

Agent: Venny Rivera, Re/Max 

Venny Rivera (@vennyrivera) | Twitter