Miguel Guerra – 3 Signed Contracts within 90 Days

3 signed contracts and projected revenue of $20-35k within 90 days of starting the program. Actively working with over 35 families that are still in the pipeline.


Before meeting us: Using virtually every method of lead genereation – sending out flyers, chamber of commerce, meetings and networking, door knocking, cold calling and he wasn’t getting the response that he wanted.

After meeting us: Within 90 days, he is scheduled to close 3 deals and make over $20-$35k. In addition to that, he is actively working with 35 families in his pipeline.

“If there’s one thing I could recommend you guys, it would be to make sure that everybody knows about this system. They’re wasting their time if they’re not working with you guys – I’m serious!”


Market: Santa Ana, CA

Result: 3 Signed Contracts within 90 days.

Agent: Miguel Guerra – Goltech Realty