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How We Book 10-20 Appointments Per Month For You And Help You Sign 4-6 Buyer Agency Agreements Every Month.

Written And Presented By Bruce King, Head of Client Success

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The Four Steps To A Kick Butt Real Estate Team

Our funnels automate, streamline, or enhance the four key components of any Realtor’s pipeline.


  1. Lead Generation: More highly qualified, exclusive leads generated at a fraction of what you’d pay the competition.
  2. Phone & Text Follow Up: We call and text every single lead within 2-5 minutes and convert 15% of the leads generated into phone appointments for you.
  3. Signing Buyer Agency Agreements:  We help and coach your team to convert 30-50% of the phone appointments into buyer agency agreements. On average you can expect to get 3-5 buyer agency agreements out of every 100 leads.
  4. Dedicated Client Success Manager: An real estate lead conversion expert who is available any time you need to ensure you are successful with our system.

How Our Agents Close 4-6 Buyers Every Month

Our System allows Realty Brokerages to have a never-ending supply of appointments to sell homes to.

It is the gateway and cornerstone for exceptional Realtors to generate and convert appointments on autopilot and dominate in their real estate market.

We do not just generate appointments we help you convert these appointments into actual contracts through our real estate conversion university and weekly coaching calls.


It’s Clear that Agents ❤️ Markilex

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Venny Rivera – Closed 2 buyers and 1 listing within 90 days of working with us

In just 60-90 days, Venny had listings and contracts and had closed 2 deals worth $12,000. Things he never experienced working with companies like Zillow and


Before meeting us: Spending thousands of dollars on Zillow and and paying a lead gen company $2,400/m, all while getting no results.

After meeting us: Got multiple listings and contracts within 60 days of working with us, and closed 2 deals worth $12,000 within 90 days of working with us. It’s been more than a year of us working together now.

After working with so many real estate lead generation companies, Venny noticed something. Every company promised a positive ROI, however, he didn’t get a return on his ROI whatsoever. Although Jorge was skeptical to work with us at first, he took a leap of faith and hasn’t regretted his decision ever since. He’s been working with us for almost 1.5 years now.

Market: Elgin, IL

Result: Closed 2 buyers and 1 listing within 90 days.

Agent: Venny Rivera, Re/Max 

Venny Rivera (@vennyrivera) | Twitter

Miguel Guerra – 3 Closed Buyers within 90 Days

3 signed contracts and projected revenue of $20-35k within 90 days of starting the program. Actively working with over 35 families that are still in the pipeline.


Before meeting us: Using virtually every method of lead genereation – sending out flyers, chamber of commerce, meetings and networking, door knocking, cold calling and he wasn’t getting the response that he wanted.

After meeting us: Within 90 days, he is scheduled to close 3 deals and make over $20-$35k. In addition to that, he is actively working with 35 families in his pipeline.

“If there’s one thing I could recommend you guys, it would be to make sure that everybody knows about this system. They’re wasting their time if they’re not working with you guys – I’m serious!”

Market: Santa Ana, CA

Result: 3 Signed Contracts within 90 days.

Agent: Miguel Guerra – Goltech Realty

Alex De la Cerda – Spending over $6,000/m on ads and Profiting 4x

Alex started off with only $500/m in ads with us and has now scaled his business to a level where he is spending around $5,500-6,000/m in advertising. He is managing his pipeline on such a high level that we literally have to talk about financial management on our weekly strategy calls instead of leads and appointments.


Before meeting us: When we met 8 months ago, he was paying two lead generation companies and a website company to generate leads, and not getting a lot of results.

After meeting us: Now confidently spending around $6k in advertising and profiting 4x.

Market: Chicago, IL

Result: Spending $60,000 in marketing per year and closing 5-10 loans every month.

Agent: Alex De La Cerda